St. Nicholas

St. Nicholas – the Wonderworker

St. Nicholas is looking for good children…

The American Polish Assistance Association offers you a chance to make someone very special and very loved at Christmas.
With a personalized letter from the House of St. Nicholas, you will not only reward but also inspire a child during this Holy Season.
Besides the personal letter, the packet contains a St. Nicholas Holy Card, a St. Nicholas coloring book, a foldout paper stable and “oplatek” (Wigilia wafer).

For the small donation of $15.00 per order, your child (or adult with a child’s heart) will receive the St. Nicholas Packet just before Christmas. However, please remember that you must provide us with important information about the recipient. For example, include his/her age, interests, school affiliation, names of relatives and special concerns. Please don’t forget his/her address. This is NOT A FORM letter so without your input there is no letter.


Part of the St. Nicholas Packet is St. Nicholas Coloring Book illustrated by Ms. Pamela Klesko. The book is kept in folk style that is unique and appealing to children. This coloring book is also offered separately for sale. It is a great spiritual contribution to the Christmas Holy Season. You will not be disappointed. To receive a copy, please send $6.50 (includes shipping and handling) to our address.

The St. Nicholas House is not a project involving “gifts” and “requests”. Rather it is a project devoted to the spiritual side of our Holy Season and the letter will emphasize this by calling to mind all of the true reasons of Christmas – inclusive of family love, ancestral ties and the importance of charity, kindness, joy and peace. Our American Christmas, over the years, has wondered away from these values. We seek, in each letter, to bring them back

Order by writing to:

P.O. BOX 116
Eastpointe, MI 48021
Each $15.00 check should be made out to: APAA.