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Current News at APAA

Henryk Francala resigned as President of the APAA as of September 19, 2013.His resignation comes from:
Resigning as Association officer (President) because of illness
Incoming President Sigmunt John Szczepkowski, Jr. As of 12:00 PM September 19, 2013.

President Szczepkowski says:
I want to thank Henryk for all the work he has done with the association, your work here will not be forgotten, I’m asking all the members and visitors of the APAA webpage to keep Henryk in your prayers, and the best wishes for a speedy recovery, the officers thank you, and the Board of Directors thank you for your leadership.
Officers of the APAA
  • President Sigmunt John Szczepkowski, Jr.
  • Vice President Leonard Moytka
  • Secretary Edward James Gregory
  • Treasurer Mary Schultz
Board of Directors
  • Director Patricia Bargowski
  • Director Janice Baczkowski
  • Director Norbert Golembiewski As of 9/28/2013

The officers and the Board of Directors all want to thank you for your continuing support And please, whatever you do, please Remember, these are orphan children in Poland, they need US, and any donations. Your donations bring smiles and tears, (happy tears) to these orphans in Poland. In order to do what is right for our orphans we need everyone’s involvement, donation, basically what everyone can do. your help is very much appreciated and going to a good cause.

Thank you President Sigmunt John Szczepkowski, Jr. APAA